Cust-O-Bend Inc. fittings and benders are used in thousands of applications for different companies all over the world. From furniture to construction, HVAC, and everything in between.  If you need assistance in finding the right solution for your project, our team at Cust-O-Bend will be happy to talk to you.

coal plant

Energy and Power Generation

nuclear power plant

Nuclear Energy


Boilers, Feedwater Boilers & Waste Heat Boilers

metal furnace

Heaters, Furnace & Heat Exchangers

water pipes

Fluid Transmission & Fluid Transportation


HVAC & Industrial HVAC

chemical plant


petrol station

Petrochemical & Refining

gas tank

Pressure Vessels & Gas Distribution

power generator

Power Gen

piping industry

Piping Industries

ethenol production


renewable energy

Renewable Energy / Green Energy

coal mining

Coal, Coal Firing & Coal Generation

commercial construction

Commercial & Structural

CF Economizers 1


grain boat

Marine Vessels

automotive factory

Automotive Industry

private jets

Aerospace Industry

biomass piping


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A Name You Can Trust

Since 1993, Cust-o-bend Inc. has established a reputation for quality, personalized service and uncompromising Integrity.  Custobend Inc. is a leading provider of bending services for various industries with a multitude of applications, both foreign and domestic.